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Itunes revisited

Last September I posted about the  then new  movie offerings from  Itunes. I have yet to purchase a movie from Itunes but I have purchased several episodes, of tv shows I have missed,it has saved me a flogging several times,when forgetting to record Star Gate

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I have purchased movies, and TV episodes from Xbox Live Marketplace, both in Hd and standard formats, that coupled with the downloadable (is that a word) demos and the live arcade game's have made the purchase of the xbox360 more than worth it.

I have since kicked Vongo to the curb, they never had any new releases, the software was constantly needing to be updated, and every time I updated it, it would corrupt the video library forcing me to have to redownload my movies all over again. I do have to mention that their customer service was pretty good, the problem is I spent an hour looking for the customer service number, it is not listed on  the site anywhere that I could find, I finely found it on some message bord.   

I have found a pretty good movie service called CinemaNow .

They have a wide variety of titles and yes new releases.  You have the option to purchase, or rent movies, although not all titles that are available  for purchase are available to rent and vice versa. Most new releases are only available for purchase for the first  few weeks , and then they can be rented in most cases.

The prices for purchase range from 3.99 to 19.99 and the rental prices are 1.99 to 3.99 about the same as other similar services such as xbox live marketplace
some purchased titles can be  played on  3 different devices, and some only 1, so look closely before purchasing if you want to play the title on more than one device 

You can begin watching your movies 30 seconds after you start the download. The movies play on Windows Media Player 10,or better, and the movies look great especially on my 37 inch LCD.

They do have a very limited selection of HD content, most of which are documentary type movies (and not very good ones), they are only available for purchase, and quite frankly I don't know why they bothered at all with a HD section, if thats all they are going to offer.

They have a beta feature I have yet to try, which is burn to dvd, thats a really cool concept, and I haven't heard of any other movie service doing that

One other thing that you may have already guessed this is a windows only service you must have Internet Explorer 6 or better and Windows 2000 or better.

fortunately my tv is hooked up to a windows computer so the widows only isn't and issue for me.

So I am using Itunes for missed tv episodes Xbox Marketplace for HD content and  CinamaNow for new release movies.

Now if I could find one service to do all three I would have it made

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Worlds LARGEST Treehouse! (Pics)

I would soooooo Live there !!

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ZZ Top

I was feeling well enough to go to the ZZ Top concert Saturday, and it was well worth it, it was a great show, the opening band sucked though, we went out to have a cigarette bought  some T shirts  and  got something to drink  and I swear it sounded like they were still playing  the same dam song they were playing wen we left LOL.

After the concert we went to Suzy Q's and shovelhead was playing they are a much better band than who ever the hell opened for ZZ Top

Anyway fun was had by all

I finely got my office organized sorta, I got my books placed on my book shelf anyway and one half of the office looks nice, the other half still filled with boxes half of those boxes are ceiling fans and light fixtures TR has yet to install, grrrr  and of course I am still waiting for my  cat 5 and and cable to be run in here dammit!
I could do that myself if I could manage to get in the attic but I cant get halfway up the ladder and I freeze , I am not scared of hights really I think I am just scared of ladders or maybe attics

well I am starting to ramble now so I will cut this short befor I go into a tangent LOL
Type at y'all  later

Spring Break, Sick And ZZ Top

this week is spring break here and I was planing on taking off work and getting some stuff done around the house, and maybe relax a bit ......
Ha!! I woke up Sunday morning feeling kinda cruddy, thinking  the  crape myrtle tree  across the  street  was the reason why , but no.. it was not, I had a cold, and a bad one too.

So I have been in bed most of this week, feeling like a half dead howling snot monster!!  I started feeling better yesterday  but the most I could get accomplished was get dressed .

So by this morning when I finely had some energy the house was a pig sty, TR only straightened  out the kitchen to shut me up!
so I got the house cleaned finely  and would really like to go back to bed , but TR is having dental work this morning and I  know I will have to  take care of him  today,

Hopefully we will both be feeling better before Saturday we have tickets to go to a ZZ Top concert with some friends of ours and will more than likely end up at Suzy Q's  (the local biker bar)
for drinks and a game of pool   


Here  are some pictures of the new kittens and Jessie, and yes they are all spoiled rotten.
Matter of fact they don't know they are cats.....let alone adopted

My New Favorite Author

My new favorite author is Zoe Whitten She has just published her first two books Waiting For a Miracle , and The Lesser of Two Evils

I just finished The Lesser of Two Evils and I tell ya I didn't get a thing done for 3 days because I could just not put the thing down
I have just started Waiting For  a Miracle  but have been  to busy  lately to get in to it , but I am sure I will not be disappointed.

Now I have to mention that I have actually been a big Zoe Whitten fan for a long time, because before she was a published author, she was my cousin, now that alone is not enough for me to plug her books , mater of fact if they weren't good I would not mention them at all LOL

honestly I knew she had talent but I was completely  awe stricken by her talent with The Lesser of Two Evils , I await the next book in the series with baited breath, and I honestly feel if this book got into the right hands it would find its way to the best sellers list

Dust Puppy Kidnapped !!!!

If you ever read the online comic Userfriendly then you know who Dust Puppy is, if you don't you should.
Well any way I have a stuffed Dust Puppy Doll That resides on my desk with a family of penguins , well I walked in the house yesterday after running  some errands to find Dust Puppy lying in the middle of the living room floor !!
 I had 3 prime suspects
we took in an abandoned litter of kittens this winter (I 'll post pictures later) Trouble, Little Girl, and Jr
they all lay on my desk from time to time and watch me work but none has showed any interest in the the toys that sit there.

 I suspected it was probably Trouble, there is a reason we named him that, but i just replaced Dust Puppy Back in his spot and sat down at my desk to read my email, and I was not there for 10 minutes when here comes Trouble , he jumps up on my desk meows at me and grabs poor Dust Puppy by the foot and takes of running toward the living room  where I find him rubbing his head on dust puppy like he dose the catnip toys , I reached down to rescue Dust Puppy again and Trouble takes off again carrying Dust Puppy off with him and Dust Puppy  has not been seen again .
he is probably under the couch with my missing house shoe and robe tie .

My penguins are all living in fear that they maybe next to fall victim to the Trouble monster

Snoring Rant

As humans we have a lot of necessary bodily functions , some are gross, some are inconvenient and some are down right funny at times, but all pretty much necessary.

What I cant figure out is...what the hell purpose dose snoring serve!!!! other than to keep the other person in the bed, room, or hell,  house in some cases from getting any rest!!!!!!

For the past few weeks TR's snoring is getting out of  hand, it used to be I could get him to roll over on his side and problem solved, or if i got to sleep before him I would never know if he snored or not.

Lately this is not the case, it dose not matter what position, he sleeps in  he snores most of the night, and even if i get to sleep before him his snoring still wakes me up!!

Now I know this is not his fault, and that this has been a horrid allergy year for both of us which is probably the reason for the resent change in snoring patterns , but this dose not change the fact that after weeks of crappy sleep every time I hear him snore I want to hit him really really  hard!!!
I mean how the hell can he sleep through that!!!

I have decided, no  matter how petty it may seem  that if I ain't getting any sleep ain't nobody  in this house getting any sleep dammit!!!! (yes thats right I said ain't) every time I get woke up by his snoring he will be as well maybe it will motivate him to go to the DR and figure out whats causing it and maybe do something to remedy the  situation  before I rip his dam adenoids out  myself!!!

Ok  I am done ranting for now
Type at y'all later

Itunes movies

We are big movie junkies in this house and the minute I heard the announcement about the Itune movies I had to fire up itunes and take a look, HA!!!
9 bucks for older and 14 for the new releases, which would actually be cool if the res wasn't so crappy and it wasn't loaded to the teeth with DRM's.
I can go to Blockbuster right now (if they we open) and buy almost any title for about the same and I can watch it on any dam thing I want, most importantly on my DVD player which is connected to my big ass TV !!
Second, for 9.95 a month I can download a butload of movies on up to 3 devices, from Vongo, granted you can only keep them as long as they own the licence, and there is not that many "brand new releases" but they have a really good selection, the resolution could be better, and the search function flat out don't work, but at 9.95 per month not per movie beats itunes movies hands down .

Having said all this I know sure as I am sitting here I am gona buy a movie from itunes, I am sure my impatient nature will get the better of me and somthing I have been waiting to see will be released to itunes, blockbuster will be fresh out of copies (big surprise ) and I LL do it , I know I will LOL I am pretty sure I have "sucker!" tattooed somewhere on my body, why else would I have for cats and just brought home 3 stray kittens

well type at ya'll later

My Newest Addiction

I have quite an addictive personality, with coffee cigaretts , cheese cake, buble baths and candles toping the list , ok I am on the cheese cake wagon, And I am trying to quit the cigarrettes , but I now have a new item to add to the list podiobooks

I have always been a big fan of
audio books, because with my life someone is always interupting me just when i curel up with a good book, then i loose my place or my book for that matter , but with audio books you can just hit the stop or pause button on your player and pick up write where you left off .

audible is great, and i have tried othe sites as well my favorite is audio books for free.coma great collection of public domain books

podiobooks like audiobooks for free , is free , but comes in podcast form
so all you have to do is plug the feed address into the podcast client of your choise, and they hve many one click options. you have the choise of how often you want chapters to be released and annd option to relese the next chapter now, what I realy would like to see is a release all chapters now botton

categories are varied from business, children, fantasy, humor, sci/fi, horror, essays, humor, religious fiction, young adult , and mystery.
the quantity of titles in each category is not large sci/fi and fantacy haveing the most titles but they have new titles added all the time

the authors for the most part seem to be new or uknown , but of the title I have tried I have been impressed with

my favorites so far are

the pocket and the pendant by Mark Jeffrery
a book that is aimed at young adults heavily influanced by sumarian lore and I would bet the author was a zac stitchen fan this is a top quality audio book compleat with background music that realy helps the story come to life

I am also listening to Tom Corven by Paul Story It has the distinct honor of being the very first book written specifically for podcasting. the chapters are short though so your gona be hiting that release next chapter button alot,

well great not only am I an addict now I am a pusher to LOL